Disposable bagasse food container has implications for human health

Author : Carlos Gomez
Update time : 2022-02-22 15:52:14
  With the development of food delivery platforms, more and more young people choose food delivery. It's convenient and fast. However, the use of disposable food containers has also caused great harm to the environment. So disposable bagasse food container is very necessary as a takeaway container. This article will help you learn more about disposable bagasse food containers.
  disposable bagasse food container
  What are disposable bagasse food containers made of
  Plant fiber
  The most popular green food containers on the market are those made from plant fibers. It uses straw, bagasse and other plant fibers as raw materials. No PP material is added.
  Corn starch
  With natural corn starch and plant fiber as the base material, supplemented by biological polyester, polyols and other materials
  PLA material
  PLA composite film is produced and processed from polylactic acid and can be recombined on paper products by heating.
  Why choose disposable bagasse food containers
  Clean and safe
  Feel and safety are very important for food containers. It can stop the spread of disease and provide customers with healthy and fashionable food containers. It is of great significance to protect human health.
  Convenient and quick
  The development of society has quickened people's life. The application of biodegradable bagasse food containers not only ensures the health of customers, but also saves people's meal time and ensures the hygiene of our public meals. It really brought us a lot of convenience
  The environmental protection
  Use straw, bagasse and other renewable raw materials to avoid resource waste and turn waste into treasure. At the same time, avoid the environmental pollution in wheat straw processing. More importantly, in the production process, there is no pollution in each link, which greatly protects the living environment of consumers.
  How do I know if the container is biodegradable
  If you are not sure whether a food container is biodegradable, follow these steps and you will find out.
  First, you can check the package to see if it has any biodegradable markings. Different countries and regions have different symbols. If it is biodegradable, it has been certified by a third party.
  Secondly, you can check the product if you confirm that it is made of paper material. Then it should be biodegradable.
  Third, if it looks like a plastic material. You can check out the materials from the products on the outside of the package, and research the materials through Google, and you'll find out soon enough.
  What is the most environmentally friendly food storage container?
  Above we have listed four main materials for biodegradable food containers. If there is an environmental ranking. Should be disposable bagasse food containers.
  Reason 1. It is made from sugar cane, a material that grows extremely fast in a short time. It's renewable, we can make it on demand. Don't worry, that's not enough.
  Reason 2: It's the greenest. From the beginning of material collection, production and product application, there is no pollution. Even if thrown away, it will decompose in a short time.
  Currently, disposable bagasse food container is mainly produced in two countries. China and India. For they abound in raw materials. And the cost of production can be kept very low. China is the world's largest manufacturer and consumer. Many factories are located in central and northeastern China. Hyde Packaging is one of the outstanding representatives. Focus on biodegradable food containers for more than a decade. Cooperate with many famous brands from all over the world.

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